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Series I Need to Finish

Series I Need to Finish

I have this problem... I really like starting new series. I can't help it. I love hearing and trying out series that other people enjoy, but then I end up in the situation that I'm in now where I have a ton of unfinished series. This year I have been making an effort to finish some up, but as of now, I am still in the middle of 7 (AH!). This list is not counting the series in which I am caught up on but still have book that have not been released. Let's talk about these...

A Song of Ice and Fire (1 book to finish)

I'm SO close to being caught up on this series! I'm currently halfway through A Dance with Dragons and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with myself for catching up on this series so quickly. I'm really sad that I'll be out of material to read in this series because I'm enjoying it so much, BUT the rumor is that The Winds of Winter may be out before season 6 of Game of Thrones begins. Let's all hope that is true, because I hear this one ends on some serious cliffhangers. 

The Lunar Chronicles (3 books to finish)

The Lunar Chronicles is relatively new to my "started but unfinished series" list. I read Cinder very quickly back in May and decided I definitely wanted to continue on. I bought Scarlet and Cress with the intent of reading them immediately after Cinder. Then A Clash of Kings happened... and the rest of A Song of Ice and Fire. These books got put on the backburner, but I know I will blow through them when I decide to pick them up again. Winter will be released in October, so I'm just aiming to complete books 2 and 3 sometime before that. 

Leo Demidov (1 book to finish)

Ugh, I don't know what happened here. I loved Child 44, and The Secret Speech also had me hooked, but when I heard that Agent 6 did not live up to the other two books in the series, I lost steam. I don't feel terrible about this one, just because each of these books reads as standalones, but I do want to pick up Agent 6 soon and see how the series ends.

Old Man’s War (5 books to finish)

Another recent start, I absolutely loved Old Man's War and gave it 5 stars. It has been my favorite John Scalzi book yet. The problem here is that I listened to the book on Audible, but I don't have the rest of the series in audio form. I loved the narration by Wil Weaton, but I couldn't really afford to buy the rest of this long series in that format. I just haven't had the motivation to pick up the physical book. I definitely am still interested in this series, but I may rethink my decision on getting the physical books. 

The Reckoners (1 book to finish)

Another series in which I've only read the first book... Are you seeing a re-occurring theme here? Again, I really enjoyed the first book, Steelheart, and immediately bought Firefight to start afterwards. In this case, I decided to finish A Song of Ice and Fire before going back to my newer series, but I will get to this soon after!

The Darkest Minds (2 books and 2 novellas to finish)

AND ANOTHER series that I've only read the first book of. I bought this audio book on a whim before a trip on the recommendation from my friend Marianna. I was looking for audio books to listen to on the plane and she really enjoyed the narrator and story for The Darkest Minds. Of course this put me down the path of another series, but that's ok! I needed a YA Dystopian series in my life, especially this one about super powers.

Mistborn (1 book to finish)

I know you might be thinking that I already finished this trilogy... but wait, there's more! Sanderson wrote a 4th book (The Alloy of Law) to this series which takes place several generations after The Hero of Ages. Technically, it is a part of the Mistborn series so it counts towards this list. I haven't bought this book yet because I'll be reading it for the Year of Cosmere on Goodreads in October.

There we have it! All of the series that I need to finish or catch up on. Obviously, I did not include comics here because we would be here all day and night, but I think this list is quite sufficient. 

What series do you need to catch up on?

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